Living in Abundance…and wanting to get rid of it

19 May

By March of this year I had a new job, new outlook on life and new faith that God will lead me where He wants me to be and that I am happier where He puts me than where I *think* I want to be. As I was browsing the Internet, enjoying my newfound comfort zone, I came across a book called 7:An experimental mutiny against excess.  Then, I clicked to the next book.

Two weeks later, I discover that there is a Lifeway store near my new office and head over during my lunch break. What is the first book that I see? You guessed it–7. So, I picked it up, took it back to the office and began a quick scan.


Three chapters in, and my mind is blown! The author, Jen Hatmaker, was struggling with the exact same things that I was. Her family was blessed with abundance but still missing something. So, she embarks on a journey to get rid of the extra in her life in order to draw closer to Jesus. The areas of focus are: clothes, food, spending, waste, media, possessions and stress.

This is exactly what I need, so at the urging of the spirit, I too will begin my own experiment with reduction. Next week I begin with food reduction. Let the hunger fun times begin.


2 Responses to “Living in Abundance…and wanting to get rid of it”


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