The Daniel Fast


The Daniel Fast is designed to replicate the fast that Daniel in the Old Testament underwent when he refused to eat from the riches of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. It invloves eating only a plant based diet (no meat, no dairy), no sweeteners, and only water for 10, 21 or 40 days depending on the person doing the fast. Specific guidelines can be found in the book by Kristen Feola entitled The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast or by visiting her website at:

I personally believe that a diet is something that one chooses to undergo in order to loose weight or get healthier. Christian fasts on the other hand, should be called by God as a way for the person to spend more time in prayer. Loosing weight and getting healthier are certainly nice side effects of fasting, but they are certainly not the goal. Below are my reflections as I went through my own experience with the Daniel Fast.


Daniel Fast Day 1 (Part 1)…on prayer and coffee

Daniel Fast Day 1 (Part 2)…Produce is Expensive

Daniel Fast Day 2…I wasn’t expecting a miracle

Daniel Fast Day 3….Vegans May be on to Something

Daniel Fast Day 4…”Little” Temptations Every Day

Daniel Fast Day 5…I’ve Gotten it all Wrong

Daniel Fast Day 6…Revival is Never a Coincidence

(Daniel Fast Day 7-No Post)

Daniel Fast Day 8…Jesus Served, but do I have to?

Daniel Fast Day 9…Ice Cream dreams and Prayer reminders

Daniel Fast Day 11…Finding Extra Baggage

Daniel Fast Day 17…on Sin and Cupcakes

Daniel Fast Day 18…Hanging out with Absalom

Daniel Fast Day 19…A letter from God

More coming soon! Stay Tuned…


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